What is the LJAA?

The Latvian Youth Association of Australia (Latviešu jaunatnes apvienība Austrālijā or LJAA) was founded in 1969  during the 8th annual Latvian Youth Days (Jaunatnes dienas) in Sydney. In the same year, in addition to the national executive, local branches were established in major Latvian centres in Australia. The association's main goals are to bring together the Latvian youth of Australia (mainly the children and grandchildren of Latvian immigrants), to contribute to Latvian youth work, to work together with other Latvian associations in Australia and abroad, and to improve the understanding of Latvian culture, politics, and language among young Latvians in Australia.

Latvian dancers perform at the 2011 dance concert

Following the example of other Latvian youth associations in the West, the LJAA began to produce its own journal and a handbook, the first issues of which were edited and published in Adelaide. National annual congresses were organised, of which the third (1983 at Roseworthy) and sixth (1986 at Normanville) were hosted by Adelaide members of the LJAA.

The LJAA handbook published in 1982

Currently, the LJAA financially supports The Latvian Youth Festival, which occurs every two years in a different city, mainly Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The Association also supports young Latvians travelling to Latvia for study or partake in internships, aswell as supporting domestic events  in Australia such as concerts.

2008 board meeting in Sydney

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The Latvian Youth Association of Australia LJAA
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